Mili looked over the crowd and waved when Nik saw her. He reached for her with a huge grin. The sound of her heartbeat resonated in her veins. She was embarassed that all her thoughts were screaming was to grab him and devour. All she did there was stand still with a protruding blush.

It started with a friendly hug but soon Mili could feel a weird tension radiating through her. Nik grabbed her hand and dragged her to the nearby alley. He cupped her face and there it was. All that Mili had been waiting for, the kiss. She reached for his jacket front, closed her eyes and….

Dang, it was a dream. She cursed herself when the alarm clock blared and shattered that beautiful moment of pleasure to infinite pieces. It was 6am and Mili had a busy day ahead. She got up and went straight into the shower. This was third time in a row that Nik was in her dreams. Was it just because she had a plan to meet him that evening for dinner or was it her subconscious stating the obvious?

It was 7.30 when she left her home for office. She had three meetings that morning and a presentation at 3 before she could leave for home and get ready to meet Nik. The meetings were fruitful and she was quite happy with herself. Mili looked at her watch. It was 2.30pm. She had half hour to grab lunch and head for her presentation.

Just when she was about to enter the office cafeteria, Nik called. Her heart raced and she could hear her almost panting. She cleared her throat and answered the phone. Nik had called to just confirm the time for their dinner plan. Mili chastised herself for her wayward reaction.

The presentation was done and she left home to get ready. She was meeting Nik at 8pm at a nearby restaurant. Mili was ready, dressed in a black dress and high pumps, nothing too fancy but she aimed for classy tonight.

It was 7.50pm when she reached the restaurant. Nik was yet to arrive. She sat at the table that was reserved for them by her. And now waiting for him she felt nervous. It had been 4 years since Nik had asked her out and she had denied. And today she was the one waiting on him. The realization instilled a moment of panic in her. Before she could decide otherwise, Nik walked into the restaurant looking for her. He had a lopsided smile plastered on his pretty face. It was as if she had forgotten how to breath at that moment.

The dinner was good with both of them sharing stories of the passed years and laughing and teasing and taunting. A couple of drinks were had. But all was sane and sensible. Time flew by with a grinning face. Mili had to head home. Nik decided to walk with her.

When they were about to cross the road Nik held Mili’s hand. The contact was all that it took and the dam of composure in Mili broke. She just couldn’t stop the blush. But thankfully her blush was hidden under their giggles and laughter.

Just before reaching at Mili’s doorstep, Nik suddenly pulled her close amidst her laughter and kissed her. There it was, the moment Mili had been dreaming about. He had one of his hand in her hair while the other was on her back, holding her close. She practically melted in his arms. He broke the kiss, licked his lips as if preserving her taste and kissed her temple.

Mili was breathless. All she could offer him was a small smile. The moments passed by speachless. Both of them struggling to overcome the loss of words. Nik took her hand and pulled her close. Anticipation would have been the death of Mili, but Nik leaned a little down and whispered in her ear asking if she would be interested to date him and all she did was nod her head in a yes. Nik nipped her ear lobe slightly and kissed her cheek. He gave her a smug smile and said “It took you 4years long to make up your mind, but guess I am carrying my luck today since it took you just 4secs to give me that Yes”. As if it was the cue, Mili practically dragged Nik in her house, laughing her heart out.

Was that her happily ever after or was it just her moment of happiness? No matter what, at least Mili now believed that dreams do come true.