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Taking a short break from the routine hustle bustle is so important. We get so tied up in knots with work that we tend to forget what it is to have a casual laugh.

Two different teams working in two different functions of the same set of work aren’t two sides of a coin or two banks of a river because they work cohesively and not independently. There may be abrasions, but that’s how teams are supposed to be. Isn’t it?

So to revive the cohesive bond and the spirit GWIM Technology and Operations team went on an overnight team outing on 20th Sept 2014 to The Retreat, a beach resort, at Madh Island in Mumbai. Nothing brings out the pent up energy as a well planned outing with lot of enthusiastic people.

On the day the rains made an appearance with light shower here and there but leave it to the teams who were so determined that even the rain couldn’t dampen the spirit. Hence began the day with a spread of breakfast and the Hi Hellos.

Rooms were alloted, check-ins were done and we assembled for some fun activities. The first and ice breaking activity was KYC (Know Your Colleague), an innocent one yet not so. Then began the group game Mafia. No, don’t get alarmed reading the name, none were brutally or otherwise harmed. 😉 The planning and plotting during the game made some fast friends and some mortal enemies (pun intended).

The games and the energy involved sure made us one hungry bunch and straight there after we devoured the sumptuous spread of lunch. Having filled our roaring tummies few of us decided to take a walk in the property while others planned for a pool treat, some rushed to play Billiards and Table Tennis while yes there were a couple of us who succumbed to a nap.

The evening was a treat with a birthday celebration for one of our colleague and cake facials and delights. Then the fighting spirit was brought out with the whole lot divided in groups for a fun Antakshari (singing and the related) event followed by dinner and then a nice, free and relaxing chats. The night fell dark and we retired to our rooms.

The next morning was a quick sendoff and we were off to home with wonderfully fresh memories.