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After being too busy to cope up and come up with some content to make it each day as part of the A to Z challenge, I have decided to change my theme.

I had an initial plan of writing 26 posts on Love vs Hate, but I am lagging behind. I don’t think I can cone up and fill the gaps. So, here I am changing the theme and keeping it light and simple, because I don’t wish to give up. I would now post a picture each day under “Sunrises are forever” series.

Watch this space as I will bring to you a sunrise a day from my window. I will click and share it each day from Monday to Friday and bring to you an amazing past one on a Saturday.

I should have thought about this earlier. But nevertheless, I am thinking about it right now.

Next I will be on a posting spree to catch up on last week and today, so that makes 4 posts for today.

See you around. 🙂

Note : This post is for A to Z April Challenge 2015 theme.