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Love stories don’t appeal me much for they seem too fake and mushy and presumptuous.  Not this one though. The author of The Fault in our Stars, John Green has taken the not so ordinary story to extraordinary heights.


I particularly love Augustus Waters for his wit and coy behavior. He is everything that one wants to hold on to. He makes you laugh and leave you intrigued and challenge your understanding. But then again you haven’t met Hazel Grace. She has the prowess of maturity like an adult.


It’s not just Hazel but I too am dying to know what exactly happens to Anna’s mom in the book, An Imperial Affliction.

If only ‘this world was a wish granting factory’ then the pauses and full stops would have been curated for. But sadly it’s not and we are stuck just in the moment no matter how far we go in planning and mapping our future.


Author John Green has sculpted the characters very well. I zoned out many times laughing at the wit and crying to the bits. I lived the story. I am in no mood to watch the movie for I am far from ruining this etching from my very brain. I don’t know if any of his work turns out this good (I will find out soon) but this book is certainly on my ‘Eat, Read, Repeat’ list.


I will leave you to feel the swell of love as in my heart. Good night!

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