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Not all love stories tug the string of your heart. Not everyone in love makes you feel happy about. Not all that happens for love, particularly appeals you.

But, some stories do make your heart race. Someone in love does make you feel jealous of them. Some happenings do make you wish that they have happy endings. All this and more for the most cliché topic of the millennia ; love.

The textbook or movie love need not be a true one yet it definitely is someone’s fantasy. Who doesn’t want to be loved and fall head over heels in one?

But, not all is hunky dory. The presence of logic and life makes the surreal love almost nonexistent.

Why do we question the presence of that feeling? Why do we label it with price tags? Why do we shame the innocent love with the heavy duty responsibilities? Why do we not let the heart run into wild forest of emotions and feelings? Why do we not set it free?

I don’t know if love is pure or true or whatever. All I know is that, if it brings a split second smile on your face, love the love.