Break the shackles, they said
It’s safe out here, they said
Be free, be wild, do as your heart wills
No judgements, they said
The winds blew steady
The water was flowing silently
The birds chirped happily
The sky was clear
It’s a good day to break out, they said
Burst your bubble, let go of the fear
There is a safety net, there is a hand to hold on to
Have faith and trust, they said
Be free, fly high, live your dreams
Why trap in there, they said
She looked out from the peephole
All seemed as they said
What harm could it be?
What’s there to lose?
One fine beautiful day she tug hard and the shackles broke
She could smell freedom
Courage empowered her to burst that bubble around
She stepped out
Her eyes adjusted to the bright and dreary light
They were nowhere in sight
She had no place to be
Stranded in that unknown unfamiliar place
Whom to call out, what to hold onto
With no glimmer of hope
What was lost was her self
The cost paid seemed heavy
All that was left was wallowing in self pity
By night fall the last of the thread of trust withered too
All that she had was to wait to be the Phoenix and rise up from the ashes
For the night was long and full of terrors.