Dear Bombay – A letter of love


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The city of dreams they call you. You are the reason for many smiles and you are the reason for many tears. You have been the reason for fulfilling many aspirations and you have been all about shattered dreams. You have been known to endure sweat, grit and challenges on the ones embracing you. You have been that sweet and passionate yet mysterious self too.

You have been all the above and beyond to me as well. I am no different than the others to walk into the labyrinth that’s you and get lost and yet be found.

You are the ocean in yourself. You are the expanse that ammases us all. You are a religion in yourself, who believe so. You are strength. You are passion. I do not beg to differ and so would be the feeling of all the hearts you cradle.

I wove my dreams and found my destinations. It’s not been an easy journey ;but who says life is an easy cake walk. Never had I thought that the goodbye to a you would be more difficult than the people I know that make you ‘You’.

I wanted to be tourist just for a day to catch your scent. We the residents and the visitors are like moths attracted to your fire. We burn, we die little each moment yet the attraction never subsides. I don’t know if I will ever fall in love with a city more than you.

Thank you for being you. Thank you for giving my strength. Thank you for letting me into your cocoon 11yrs back. I will forever be indebted to you. You will be my first most true love. Bombay!

Simply love


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Not all love stories tug the string of your heart. Not everyone in love makes you feel happy about. Not all that happens for love, particularly appeals you.

But, some stories do make your heart race. Someone in love does make you feel jealous of them. Some happenings do make you wish that they have happy endings. All this and more for the most cliché topic of the millennia ; love.

The textbook or movie love need not be a true one yet it definitely is someone’s fantasy. Who doesn’t want to be loved and fall head over heels in one?

But, not all is hunky dory. The presence of logic and life makes the surreal love almost nonexistent.

Why do we question the presence of that feeling? Why do we label it with price tags? Why do we shame the innocent love with the heavy duty responsibilities? Why do we not let the heart run into wild forest of emotions and feelings? Why do we not set it free?

I don’t know if love is pure or true or whatever. All I know is that, if it brings a split second smile on your face, love the love.

My Running Story


Love, a basis for our existence. Whom or what one loves, depends on an individual. This is my story of love.

I love some and I love something. The ones I love, mostly know about it. But I also love something fiercely. Running. It’s a new found love and it’s as true as a true love’s kiss.

About two years ago I was thrown into a challenge. A challenge to run Hiranandani Thane Half Marathon 2014. It doesn’t sound as ridiculous now as it sounded to me then. How is one supposed to even run a kilometre let alone 21? I was unsure, scared and almost to the point of hysteria. I was into sports when I was in school and I had run track for fun but long distance running was never even thought of. In this case just to jump into something so enduring was beyond my belief.

I admire my husband’s resolve to push me and prepare me for the run. That year I successfully ran my first ever half marathon.

Challenges excite me. The first half marathon was completed and I was beyond belief in love. My new found love for running. I did run SCMM 2015 and Hiranandani Thane Half Marathon 2015 after that. My sense of achievement was blooming.

But life is a game. It has rules. You begin playing by its rules and you get a feeling that everything is under your control, when the rules change. Only thing in your control then is to be flummoxed.

My story of not qualifying for the SCMM 2016 is no different. All this while the time limit to qualify for the half marathon was 3 hrs for ladies and all of a sudden one day I got to know that for 2016 the limit is lowered to 2.45 hrs. Boom! I was thoroughly in a soup. None of my eligible year’s timings fit into it.

I was devastated but I didn’t give up. With work, life and everything taking a toll on me, I still planned to attempt the 10km runs to qualify the criteria. But guess luck was having its fair share of laughs. I missed the qualifying mark in the first 10K run I ran by 2.42 mins. Heart broken does not really sum up my state. But by that time I still had that little sliver of hope within.

Failure is never easy; you either soar high or get gutted by it’s gravity. No matter which side you are on, you certainly are affected by it. The failure to cross that finish line with a victory brought my spirits on the line, waiting to just cross over and get crushed. But guess I am not that easy to accept loss.

I decided to test myself by attempting to run a second 10km run. I don’t put everything in fate’s hand or blame the luck. But I think this time fate rolled it’s dice and I was on the losing end yet again. By this time my spirits weren’t ‘on’ the line, they had already crossed it and gotten crushed, for I missed the qualifying mark in this run by good 6mins.

I convinced myself that this isn’t my year or rather the failures seem like a premonition that the year 2016 isn’t my Run year. But life gives you chances and hints and I got my hint when I read that there was still a bleak chance of being on that start line by penning all these miseries down. Yes these are my miseries, my failures and I am not ashamed of it but I am trying my best to learn from it.

Everyone deserves one more chance, isn’t it? At least that’s what we believe in. Certainly I am no different in thinking otherwise. I run passionately. That’s something which is ‘my thing’. But of course I would always be utterly grateful to my better half to push me into it, but nevertheless this is my run, my purpose. And trust me it’s no good feeling when you see your own purpose being defeated by no one but you.

I want a chance to be on that start line, a chance to resurrect, a chance to serve my purpose. I have let myself down twice when I didn’t reach the goal. But no more. I want this chance like a drowning person gasping for breath.

My love demands attention and I have promised to give the time and attention it deserves.

There are downsides to every peaks. In case if I don’t get that much needed chance on participating in SCMM 2016 I am certain I would be very sad. But who said love is an easy affair. The calendar will turn its pages. A new year would come. And I would put everything in reviving my lost case.

Having said it all, the year 2016 I guess has a special plan for me for I have missed the deadline of posting this article for a running spot. I may or may not have gotten a chance. But let me promise that I will put every ounce of strength within to work and set new standards for myself. I will run like I have never run before and make sure I am not in this situation again.

Happy running to you all.

The Fault in our Stars – Not really a review


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Love stories don’t appeal me much for they seem too fake and mushy and presumptuous.  Not this one though. The author of The Fault in our Stars, John Green has taken the not so ordinary story to extraordinary heights.


I particularly love Augustus Waters for his wit and coy behavior. He is everything that one wants to hold on to. He makes you laugh and leave you intrigued and challenge your understanding. But then again you haven’t met Hazel Grace. She has the prowess of maturity like an adult.


It’s not just Hazel but I too am dying to know what exactly happens to Anna’s mom in the book, An Imperial Affliction.

If only ‘this world was a wish granting factory’ then the pauses and full stops would have been curated for. But sadly it’s not and we are stuck just in the moment no matter how far we go in planning and mapping our future.


Author John Green has sculpted the characters very well. I zoned out many times laughing at the wit and crying to the bits. I lived the story. I am in no mood to watch the movie for I am far from ruining this etching from my very brain. I don’t know if any of his work turns out this good (I will find out soon) but this book is certainly on my ‘Eat, Read, Repeat’ list.


I will leave you to feel the swell of love as in my heart. Good night!

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“Sunrises are Forever” – (Z)ealous


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I had saved this for the last. A complete transition of the sunrise through my kitchen window. Enjoy this little treat.







Note : This post is part of April A to Z Challenge 2015.

Photo credit: This image is my own and clicked with Nexus 5 phone and has no filters applied. ( Instagrammed @precarious_me )